The Book of Rock

Philip Dodd

The Book Of Rock is a celebration of 500 musicians and bands who have left their mark on the fifty years (and rising) of musical history we know as rock’n’roll. It is a gallery of saints, sinners, martyrs and magicians. They may have cast a lengthy shadow from the heights of legend over all that followed. Or they may have added, for one brief shining or sullied moment, a flavour, a colour or a sound that was in tune with the mood of the times.

Whatever their contribution, in this book democracy is everything. The aristocrats of rock rub shoulders with its journeymen and artisans, they jostle with crazed guitar heroes, introverted songwriters and cult artists barely known outside a circle of fiercely loyal and protective fans. Each artist is given equal deference – 500 pages, 500 defining images, 500 pungent or poignant quotes, accompanied by succinct text that justifies their place in the rock canon.

Updated and fully revised for its publication in a new compact edition, The Book Of Rock is the perfect sampler for the iPod generation.

Pavilion Books
Hardback, 512 pages
Published 15 Sepember 2005
ISBN 1 86205 695 1
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“Lists and photographs all the bands you’d expect and a few you wouldn’t. The choice of images is superb, be it Judas Priest or Earth Wind & Fire.”
Q Magazine

“One of the most informative and well laid-out books of recent years. A must for fans, not just of rock, but of music in all its genres.” 
Rock Sound

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